Google has released a ‘Pretty Please’ feature for its Google Assistant. It is now available and ready to “help users of all ages clean up their manners”. Yes, to help you build your manners.
The company announced the release of the “Pretty Please” feature on Google Assistant, last Thursday, November 29. According to the company, this new feature will help encourage polite manners when interacting with its smart home devices.
“Pretty Please” feature was announced in May at Google’s I/O Developers Conference. And it has just been rolled out in time at the end of the year.
The reason for this feature is quite funny. Google says the concept behind  this “Pretty Please” feature  is to reinforce polite behaviours for children. And the company also adds adults as well. It seems an unrealistic measure to politeness but might work, especially in children.

Google releases “Pretty Please” feature for Google Assistant
Google releases “Pretty Please” feature for Google Assistant

How it works

The “Pretty Please” feature works when users are actively using the Google Assistant. If works when users say words like “please” or “thank you” in their requests. For example, “Hey Google, please set a timer for 5 minutes.”
With “Pretty Please,” the response from Google Assistant to that request might be: “Thanks for asking so nicely. Alright, 5 minutes. Starting now.”
Currently, the feature is available for all those who have registered their voices with the Google Assistant app. It is also available on Google’s Smart Speakers.

Google releases “Pretty Please” feature for Google Assistant
Google Smart Speakers (CREDITS: CNet)

You might have guessed. Google is not in this alone. Amazon, in April, announced a similar feature for its smart assistant, Alexa. The name Amazon gave its “politeness enforcement” feature is “Magic Word”. Similar to Google’s intent, the feature is to reward and reinforce polite behaviours amongst users, especially children.

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