Google Photos doubles storage limit for Live Albums

Google Photos doubles storage limit for Live Albums

You can now store more photos and videos in your private Google Photos Live Albums, as the storage limit has been increased from 10,000 to 20,000. The change, which brings the limit for private albums into line with the capacity for shared albums, was officially announced via an update made to a Google support page.

While 10,000 photos and videos may seem like a lot, you could quickly reach that limit due to the functionality of Live Albums — especially since uploads are automatic carried out. Live Albums group people and pets together into an album by using Google’s object recognition technology to automatically identify specific subjects. Albums quickly fill us since you’re not manually curating the media — deleting what you don’t find satisfactory enough.

If you’re still concerned about hitting the limit and exceeding the 20,000 photos capacity, create a second live album using the same settings so it acts as an overflow.

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