A man in Germany has conducted an experiment on how Google Maps can be used to cause traffic jams. This man, Simon Weckert, gathered 99 smartphones and launched Google Maps on each of them. Weckert put these phones in a small cart and pulled it through the street.
As these mobile phones were connected to the internet and had their location tracking setting on, Google Maps was tricked into recording that a traffic jam had occurred in those places. This was due to the proximity of the location signals from each of the phones.
In reality, Weckert was the only person walking on these streets, pulling his little companions behind him. Thus, if you found yourself plying through the area and by chance employed the help of Google Maps, you’ll be prompted that there is a traffic jam when in fact the streets were completely empty.
See the video for yourself.

Though some have argued the authenticity of the experiment, Toffrey Hoffman, a Google tech lead and engineering manager for Google Maps, has said the experiment is really plausible.


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