Google now has dining and translation filters for its Lens app

Google Lens dining and translation filters

Google has rolled out new features for its Lens mobile app. The features are filters. The new features on the Google Lens app are dining and translation filters.

These features are coming to users of Google Lens on iOS and ARCore-compatible Android phones. The features are targeted at ordering at restaurants and the translation of foreign languages on the go.

Google announced this dining and translation filters earlier in May at the Google I/O conference.

Aside from the app, the Lens functionality can be accessed through other channels. Users can access it in the Google Assistant and Google Photos. In main Google search apps, you can access the Lens functionality as well.

Also, for those using Google’s Pixel phones, Lens is built into the phones’ camera app.

Now let’s see the new dining and translation filters on Google Lens.

With the foreign language translation filters, the company has built a lightweight version of the Google Translate functionality directly into the Lens app. You open your phone’s camera, point to that foreign language and Lens brings you the translated version to whatever language you preferred.

This feature is essentially useful when you travel to a location which doesn’t speak any of the languages you know. You can use it for directions, pr knowing the meaning of inscriptions on packaged food you bought at the market.

With the new “dining” filters, you point your phone’s camera at the menu and the Lens app does the magic. The Lens app will tell you which of the dishes on the menu list is popular.

It will also bring you information and photos of that food. These photos are retrieved from the restaurant’s Google Maps profile. Google also says you can take a photo of the bill and split the bill directly, if you went with friends.

You can get this translation filters by downloading the Google Lens app on Play Store. Alternatively, you access it via the Google Assistant, Google Photos, and main Google search apps. Pixel phone users already have Lens built in their camera app.


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