Google Eileen Naughton quitting
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Google‘s HR boss is quitting her role:

Google’s head of human resources, Eileen Naughton has revealed that she would be quitting her role in 2020, as tensions between workers and management continue to rock the company. Eileen will remain at Google, but no news yet on what her new role would be. Thus far, there has been no reason provided for this decision.

Naughton had this to say, “I’m at the very beginning of the process, and wanted to let everyone know upfront, as I’ll be working with Sundar and Ruth to find a great leader for the People Operations team.”

Eileen was in charge of 70,000 new employees in the company and was the brain behind the doubling of Google’s employee headcount. She has worked with Google for 14 years and she had been head of human resources for the past four years.


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