Google drops Instagram stalker app Ghosty from Play Store

Google has removed an app called Ghosty from its app marketplace. This Ghosty app is what we call an Instagram stalker. What it does was to give users access to view activities of private profiles.

Ghosty required access to each user’s profile and made users invite their friends as well. Users are then given access to data in those accounts as well as any other profiles which those users follow. If a user of this app had access to a private Instagram profile, this [private] account becomes available to the rest of Ghosty’s users.

These Ghosty users will see videos and photos of the private accounts which were otherwise inaccessible.

Well, Instagram says the app goes against its terms of use and thus Google had to remove it from Play Store. The app had already been downloaded over 500,000 times since it launched in April this year.

A spokesperson for Instagram said the app violated the network’s terms and such “functionality has never been available through our API.

We will be sending a cease and desist letter to Ghosty ordering them to immediately stop their activities on Instagram, among other requests. We are investigating and planning further enforcement relating to this developer.

Recently a similar app, Like Patrol, was removed from App Store by Apple as Instagram said it was scraping its data.


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