Google cut ties with Huawei; No more Android updates for Huawei phones

google bans huawei

US tech giant, Google has reportedly banned top Chinese phone and communications equipment maker, Huawei. Obviously, this is one of the effects of the US government’s fight with the embattled Chinese mobile giant.

In a Reuters report, Google is said to have “suspended business with Huawei that requires the transfer of hardware, software, and technical services except those publicly available via open source licensing.”

This essentially means Huawei is no more going to get a full-fledged version of Android on its future phones. The company will also lose its access to Google services.

The only thing from Google that Huawei can be allowed to use is the open source components of Android. So, Huawei will no more have Google Play Store, Gmail, YouTube on its future smartphones.

This ban comes in the midst of a trade war between China and the US government and its allies. The US president has barred US companies from having business dealings, especially telecommunications trade, with foreign companies that are tagged as having a security threat to the US.

The ban from Washington targets Huawei. The Chinese giant has hence been listed by the US Commerce Department among foreign companies which American companies can only do business with after getting the go-ahead from the government.

However, Google does not cut Huawei completely off from Android. Huawei will still have access to the version available through the Android Open Source Project.

Huawei itself was somehow getting ready for this kick. The CEO, Richard Yu, told a German newspaper just two months ago that the company was making its own mobile OS in case Google kicks them. That was Huawei’s plan B and it seems to have happened sooner than they expected.

For how long the US government will keep Huawei on its blacklisted companies roll is not known as of now.



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