One of the top global tech companies, Google, has launched a new initiative to support women in Africa. This new project by Google is called “Womenwill”, and it aims to support over 50,000 women across Africa.
The Womenwill project launched in Lagos, it specifically seeks to help African women by creating economic opportunities for them.
Mojolaoluwa Akinremi-Makinde is the head of Google Africa Brand and Reputation. Akinremi-Makinde launched the Womenwill initiative in Nigeria’s economic centre, Lagos. Unveiling the project, Akinremi-Makinde revealed that 18 new Womenwill chapters had been opened across Sub-Saharan Africa.
According to Akinremi-Makinde, the Womenwill initiative is in honour of the International Women’s Day in this year. She said the Womenwill project will push further the promotion of gender equality in tech to the benefit of everyone. And Womenwill will do that by helping women into tech, building their skills and giving them inspiration through training and advocacy.

“Helping women make the most of technology to build skills, get inspired, and connect with each other through training, events, and advocacy, Womenwill aims to drive conversations promoting gender equality to benefit everyone.”

The Google Africa Brand head was also hopeful the gender gap in tech that has existed between men and women can be resolved. She added that this could happen if women are given the same access to the resources and skill acquisition sources as men.
Akinremi-Makinde also revealed the reason why the organisation was opening up the Womenwill chapters in Sub-Saharan Africa. She said the main motivation for opening up the Womenwill chapters in Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly, was bridging the gender gap.
Also, Google is expanding the Womenwill project as an effort to continue Google’s focus on diversity and gender equality into 2019 and the years after. Opening up the Womenwill chapters in Sub-Saharan Africa will benefit over 50,000 women in countries including Ghana and Nigeria.

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