Google Chrome tabs and extensions may be slowing down your computer
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Web browsers, in general, slow down our computers, even when the computer is new. And we can’t take Google Chrome off the list of such browsers. Pretty sure, Google Chrome tabs and extensions may be the culprits slowing down your computer.

When you open too many tab in Chrome, your RAM is sure getting eaten up. This means you won’t have much RAM power for other things you might be doing on your computer.

Not only Chrome tabs eat up the RAM. Its extensions too, eat up your processing speed.
Luckily there’s a way to check whether Chrome is to blame for your machine slowing down. You’d have to check your computer’s processes.

For Windows machines, you’d have to check through the Task Manager. On a Mac computer, that means checking Activity Monitor.

For Windows, just press run command combination, “Windows key + R” together.  Then type in “taskmgr” (for Task Manager) and hit Enter. Better still, press Windows key + S, and search Task Manager.

You might see that Chrome is monopolising the use your resources like Memory and CPU.  You can go further to check exactly the tabs and extensions are causing the slowdown.


How do you go about it?

In Chrome, click the last button where the arrow is showing. It is usually some three dots.  Hover on More tools, then choose Task Manager.

Google Chrome tabs and extensions may be slowing down your computer

Google Chrome’s Task Manager works like the computer’s Task Manager. It shows exactly what is using up the computer’s CPU and RAM.

Google Chrome tabs and extensions may be slowing down your computer

Now click on the “CPU” tab to organize the list in order of use.


You can stop and close a tab that is using your CPU too much, if you’re not using it. Click on the task (which could be a whole tab or a process), then hit “End Process” at the bottom right.

Extensions can also eat up your CPU and slow the machine. Thus, it is ideal to check through your Chrome Extensions and disable you’re not using. Just head to Chrome settings > More tools > Extensions.




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