Google Chrome is now able to add captions to any clip in real-time (or super close to real-time.) As you already know, Live Captions used to be an exclusive feature for the Google Pixel 4, before it became available for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 2 too. Things are set to take a new turn, however, as the tool recently showed up as an experimental option in Chrome Canary, a version of the web browser that is meant to be for just developers, but is also an amazing way to try fresh features before they are released officially.
YouTube currently has its personal feature that transcribes speech in real-time with precise results, however, Live Captions might reach other platforms soon and it has been tipped to be the savior we have all been waiting for if it works with video conferencing in your browser.

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According to Techradar, to confirm if it will work for you, just download and launch Chrome Canary for Windows, macOS, or Linux (Live Captions cannot be used for mobile yet.) When that is done, type chrome://flags into the address bar and use “search” to locate “live captions.” Tap the drop-down menu and choose “Enabled.” Relaunch the browser with the blue button that is visible at the bottom right of your screen.
Head to chrome://settings/accessibility, locate the “Live Caption” and ensure it is toggled on. If you are lucky, subtitles will now be visible anytime you visit a site that contains a video with speech.
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