Version 74 of the Google Chrome browser has been released for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and Chrome OS users. This version of the Google Chrome browser has support for Dark Mode on Windows machines. Among other features coming with it, the Chrome browser will support Lite Mode on Android devices.
The new features come along with fixed bugs. For Android devices, the Lite Mode is a replacement of the Data Saver feature previously on Chrome for Android. Google has added a couple of security features to the new Chrome browser as well.

Google Chrome Dark Mode for Windows

The Chrome 73 browser introduced the dark mode to Mac users. It is now the turn of Windows users. But, there is a downside. Just like the dark mode feature on Mac, the feature does not have any option in the browser’s settings to enable it on Windows.
The dark mode depends on the machine’s operating system to function. To switch to dark mode, you’d have to change the operating system’s skin to enable it. The Chrome browser will automatically turn to the dark interface.

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Lite Mode in Chrome 74 for Android

From Chrome 74 for Android devices, the Data Saver feature is going out. It is going to be replaced by Lite Mode. This is the new datasaving feature. It will also enable web pages to load faster.
Note that this Lite Mode feature is exclusive on Chrome 74 for Android, at least for now. How exactly the Lite is going to work or how different it is from the old Data Saver is not out yet. But, Google says it will publish about it soon.
Google Chrome 74 Lite Mode for Android

New security features

Sneaky popups

A new security feature in Chrome 74 will stop pages from opening up popups. This goes for pages that are being closed or replaced. Google says it will disallow the pages from using the “ API to open a new page during its unload.” This was a feature that was being abused by ad operators but it now has a permanent solution.

Drive-by downloads

Another malpractice Chrome 74 is clamping down on is drive-by downloads. This is a common method people use to spreading malware through online ad placements. Chrome 74 will prevent this in sandboxed iframes. Downloads won’t start automatically after the new page opens. Users have to click to initiate the download process manually.
In all, the Chrome 74 promises to give users a better browsing experience.

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