The new features of Google’s digital assistant have been announced at CES 2020. And among all Google Assistant’s features that were announced (more accessible privacy options, improved device setup, easier voice calls placement, etc.), the one that caught our eyes is the capability to schedule an activity.
When rolled out, you can tell Google Assistant to schedule a task for a later period. For example, you can tell it to “switch on the lights at 6AM” if your electricity is connected to your smart home system.
Another feature worth talking about has to do with privacy. Google Assistant sometimes listens and records you even when you weren’t talking to it. So Google has updated the Assistant.
If you also think Google Assistant is activated, accidentally, you just say, “Hey Google, that wasn’t for you”. Whatever it recorded will be deleted.
If you want to know what Google has been saving on you, question the Assistant, “Are you saving my audio data?” It will give you a link to your privacy settings and tell you what it has been saving on you.

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