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The much-awaited Android 10 has now been released by Google on September 3, first onto Pixel phones. This year’s version came a little late but I guess it’s better late than never. With that said, Android users should be excited because the Android 10 is coming with really cool new features.

Fixes that you have longed for and features you’ve seen in other systems which you wish you had are all coming to eligible Android phones this year.

Is your device part of the Google Beta Program? Does it run Android One? Is it a flagship Android smartphone or was it released recently?

If your answer is “Yes” to any of these questions, then you’re eligible for the Android 10 update.

Now, let’s see some of the best new features the Android 10 is bringing, most of which are anticipated.

The best Android 10 features

1. Dark Mode

Android 10 is going to provide users with a system-wide dark mode. This is definitely one of the most anticipated smartphone features this year. And it is finally here!

Android 10 dark mode

The dark mode feature will enable the whole Android system and supported apps to have a dark theme. Android 10 gives you two ways to switch to the dark mode. First is by enabling it via the device’s display settings. Alternatively, you can get the dark mode by turning on the battery saver. It will automatically turn on the dark theme.

2. Airdrop-like file-sharing feature

Android 10 is doing away with the Android Beam feature which was used to share files. Now, eligible Android users can have a taste of Apple’s Airdrop-like file sharing feature. This new tool, called Fast Share, will simply transfer files more smoothly.

Fast Share feature will be able to transfer files not only between Android smartphones but Chromebooks. There is the possibility that it might even have an iOS version to transfer files to iPhones as well.

3. Focus Mode

This new feature lets you use your device without getting distracted. You do it by selecting the apps you want to stay active using and then pause everything else you don’t.

Distracting apps like social media app and messaging apps can be muted for a certain period to prevent distractions.

4. iPhone-like gestures (improved)

With the introduction of the previous Android Pie (Android 9), Google gave us the iPhone like gestures. The Android version of the iPhone-like gestures was disapproved by tech critics that it was not as fluid as the original Gesture Navigation in iPhones. Well, Android 10 promises improvements to the gesture navigations.

The “Back” or “Return” button is no more, just like iPhones. It has been replaced by swiping left/right. When you swipe up, you get the home screen. Swiping up and holding will open up multitasking.

5. Screen Recorder built-in

Android 10 built-in screen recorder

Finally, Android users can also record their screens without third-party apps. Android 10 is bringing a built-in screen recorder tool just like iOS. The Android 10 built-in screen recorder can be accessed by long-pressing the Screenshot button in the Power menu.

6. Desktop Mode

Android 10 is bringing a Desktop Mode. This feature will be present on the likes of Huawei’s Projection Mode and Samsung Dex. With this feature, users will get a PC-like experience, complete with a standard desktop and full-sized apps.

7. Downgrading app updates

This is for those who update an app and later realise that it wasn’t a good move, usually because there are bugs and glitches in the updated version. With Android 10, you can go back to the older app version till the bugs are fixed in the updated one.

8. Boosted Privacy and New Permissions

Privacy is becoming a major aspect as technology keeps advancing. Apple is trying to tighten the privacy of its users by introducing the “Sign in with Apple” and “Hide My Email” features. Thus, Android 10 is also strengthening the privacy features introduced by Android Pie.

The new software will allow users to choose which apps can access your location when they’re running in the background. The new option “Allow only while the app is in use” will give users more control over what apps can access their location and when.

Users will also know when a particular app is using their camera, microphone, location data, or any sensor. There is a new Privacy Page in the Settings menu which will show the exact number of apps that are using your contacts, SMS, and other sensitive information.

9. All sensor lockdown

Android 10 lockdown mode & focus mode

Android can turn off every sensor on your device. This is an upgrade from Android Pie’s lockdown mode which was able to disarm the fingerprint sensor. The “Sensors Off” toggle button puts the device into Airplane mode and as well disables all the sensors on the device.

10. Live Captions (Subtitles)

That’s right. Android 10 is bringing the Live Captions feature that will automatically put subtitles on any audio or video playing on your phone in real-time. Google says “even stuff you record yourself” can have subtitles on them.

This feature will utilise the device’s own AI capabilities so it wouldn’t need a working internet connection to work.

Really, there are a lot of other features in the Android 10 but these are the 10 most important and anticipated. The date your device gets the update is really dependent on your manufacturer’s history with Android update frequency.


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