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Buying a first property is an exciting and delightful experience. Buyers know they’re ready to make a major move and a new life choice. If you are thinking about this process or you’ve already begun, with help from #1 Property Guide you can locate the perfect house for your needs. Better yet, if you act carefully and with thoughtful consideration, it’s easier than ever to find not only that home for you but a fabulous deal at the same time.

Buy an Empty Lot

Empty lots are cheaper than existing properties in many cases. This is not only a chance to find the house you wanted but also a chance to get it to your personal satisfaction. If you are thinking about buying an empty lot, you’ll also often have a chance to buy a home in a better neighborhood. Even a smaller lot can be your chance to take the lot and put up the home you’ve always dreamed about right there.

Contact Older People

Many seniors are happy where they are. Some, however, may be thinking about moving. A large house can be hard to manage as the person ages. In that case, they might be considering selling it and moving to a smaller property. Or, they might wish to retire to a different area. You can contact senior groups and ask if someone is considering selling their home. This has financial benefits for you both. You and the seller get to avoid many closing costs and save money. You can split the difference and pocket the money you’ve saved.

Investigate Carefully

Careful investigation is crucial. As a first time buyer, you need to be as informed as possible before you begin. Devour as many books as you can find on the real estate buying process. You should understand common real estate terms and what they mean. You should also understand the role that each person is likely to play in any real estate transaction you make.

Potential Foreclosures

Another area of real estate that can be quite fruitful for all concerned are foreclosures. These are properties where people have been unable to afford their mortgage. In some instances, it is possible to spot properties that might be about to go into foreclosure before they actually do so. A person who is struggling to pay the mortgage may be amenable to an offer that lets them walk away with their credit intact and a clean break.

Purchase a Multiple Family Property

If you’re buying a first home, think about making a home with room for others to help pay the mortgage. A home with just one extra space that be rented out with ease will help you cover many of your housing costs. A multiple family home can also be used to rent out rooms on a temporary basis. If you are looking in an area near university or in a desirable city location, that extra space can be yours to use as you like to generate extra cash. Just make sure zoning laws allow you that rental income before you buy it.

Smaller Houses in a Great Neighborhood

Great neighborhoods are found everywhere you look. If you’re looking at homes in some of the best areas, you might be startled by the prices. One way to find the home you want is by looking for a smaller home in a nice area. A smaller home can suit your needs wonderfully in many instances, especially if you are just starting out. In many cases, you can later expand this home by adding a room or two. This will increase the value of your home and your overall equity in the long run.

Use Your Talents

Now is the time to think about your talents and how best to use them. You can often find homes that need a little bit of care to bloom. You might see a home that needs a good paint job, a new roof and perhaps some effort at redoing the hardwood floors. If you are handy, you can rush in, get these improvements done and get a fantastic bargain.


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