The Golden Hour eSports Tournament’s Match Week 4 saw some exciting matches, Starson’s facing Wondhakid in a mouth watering encounter. Sulley came up against Kiki while Messi came up against Aspect.

Will there be any surprises going into the final round or who wins the ultimate prize and the top scorer? We assess the opportunities for the Match Week 4 Golden Hour eSports tournament.

Match Week 5

The first game of the final week of the competition will be played on 13 July 2019. Aspect will face off with Starson in the first game. The second match will be between Messi and Kiki before Wonhakid and Sulley face off in the final game of Match Week five and the Golden Hour eSports tournament.

Aspect vs Starson

The first game of Match Week 5 will see Aspect face-off with Starson. Aspect has lost all the games heading into the final round of the competition. This fixture presents Aspect’s last opportunity to avenge all defeats and complete the competition in a grand style.
Starson is going into Saturday’s clash three points behind Wondhakid. He can’t afford to lose to Aspect on Saturday. A win can put him on top of the table before the last final fixture of the day provided, he wins with a superior goal margin.

Messi vs Kiki

Messi will face off with Kiki in the second of the final round of the Golden Hour eSports Tournament. Recently, both have gone through a horrible run of form, Messi recorded his first win after beating Aspect and drawing Kiki in his last two games. Only a point separates them.
Both will go to this game in search of a win to gain a better position in the league. A draw will have no effect on the standings.

Wondhakid vs Sulley

Match Week 5’s biggest game. The competition’s final fixture features resurgent Sulley and table topper Wondhakid. This game will say a lot about who’s getting the trophy.

Sulley and Wondhakid are separated by just three points. Wonderkhid is in pole to win the Golden Hour eSport maiden edition and only needs a draw in that game.

Last week, Sulley slipped on a glorious occasion to put pressure on Wonderkhid, who is 10 points above the table. This is a difficult trial for Sulley, who is keen on stopping Wondhakid’s unbeaten run. A win for him will see him lay his hand on the trophy.

The race for the top spot

Wondhakid is in pole position to win the Golden Hour eSports Tournament’s maiden edition. To lay his hands on the goldenslot, he needs a win or draw. Any results apart from this can ruin his chances of winning the competition. While Sulley and Starson need to win the competition with superior goal differences, provided Wondhakid lose.

The Golden Hour eSports tournament will be live on Kwese Tv on Saturdays at 3 pm. For all the latest updates you can visit Don’t forget to drop your comment and share.

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