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Wondhakid and Starson  are unbeaten after 2 games. Will they be able to keep the momentum or will they be displaced? Sully got his first win over the weekend beating Messi by 2-1 moving him to third place. Messi and Aspect are still struggling, will they bounce back from their defeats in Match Week 2 and 1 respectively.

We take a look at their chances going into Match Week 3 of the Golden Hour eSports tournament.

Match Week 3

Saturday, 29 June 2019 will begin the Match Week 3 Golden Hour eSports Tournament featuring Sulley and Aspect in the first game.
Messi and Starson will be playing second game in the Match Week 3, where as Kiki battle it out against table topper Wondhakid in the final game of Match Week 3 of  Golden Hour eSports tournament.

Sulley vs Aspect

Match Week 3’s first game will see Sulley face off with Aspect. After an emphatic victory over Messi, Sulley got his first 3 point, moving him to third place on the table after Kiki fell to Starson. A win will boost his chances of entering the top spot, provided Wondhakid and Starson lose by a higher goal margin.

A win could move Aspect from the lower half of the table, if the other games finish in a draw, or two players lose their matches in the top half of the table. A loss will be devastating for him, as he misses the opportunity to win the maiden edition.

Messi vs Starson

The Messi-Starson encounter also promises to be an interesting one. Aspect could have the chance to avenge defeat in both Match Week 1 and Match Week 2. This will ruin Starson’s chances of going to the top.

Starson will also be eager to extend his lead before the  last game of the Match Week 3 featuring  Kiki and Wondhakid.

Kiki vs Wondhakid

The biggest game of Match Week 3. The match features Kiki and table topper Wondhakid in the final game of Match Week 3. This game present Kiki the opportunity to redeem himself. Kiki suffered a surprise  defeat at the hands of Starson. Table topper Wondhakid continues to dominate as he edges past Aspect in a 2-1 win.

Kiki will be eager to stop the dominance of Wondhakid after 2 games. But Wondhakid will seek to extend his lead to the top. A win for Kiki will push him up the table, if the other games end in a draw or two of the players in the top half of the table lose their matches.

A loss could further worsen his chances of winning the maiden edition of the Golden Hour eSports Tournament.

The race for the top spot

A loss for Wondhakid and a draw in the second game of the Match Week 3 (Messi vs Starson) could see him drop to the second position. While a loss for him and a win in the second game (Messi vs. Starson) could see him drop to second or third, if either Kiki or Sulley wins by 3-5 goal margin.

A win for Wondhakid might help keep him at the top, if Starson can’t get a better goal difference at the end of the week.

The Golden Hour eSports tournament is live on Kwese Tv on Saturdays at 3pm. You can also visit for all the latest updates.

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