You caringly ask seniors in your family, “What do you want?” The immediate response is, “Nothing dear. I do not require anything.” But deep down, you know that you need to get them something to make their life easier. Of course, tabletop art pieces, wall hangings, and paintings look beautiful. But are they useful enough for them?.
Utility presents are the best. It is better to give them something that will reflect their preferences, choices, and personality and help them deal with regular life and mobility on daily basis more easily. Visit the Keep Moving website and choose from the various mobility aids they provide.
Useful gift ideas for senior citizen

7 Useful Gifts for Older Adults

The key to selecting the ideal gifts for senior citizens is gauging their requirements. Here are the seven gifts that are not only useful but wonderful too. Have a look!

1. Digital Clock

Bright and bold photo albums are not the only digital screens for the seniors who want to make the most out of their time. Digital clocks with a completely different kind of display are specifically designed for senior citizens who have comprehension problems. Opt for digital clocks with no abbreviations or short forms for a date, time, and date. Instead, choose the ones that show dates, times, and months clearly in high contrast display.
They even come with battery backups to help the seniors during power cut situations. Extra-large clocks with bright and clear digital numbers will help the visually weak seniors. These are bright enough to even serve as night lights.

2. Pain Relief Massage Pillows

Portable pain relief massage pillows or cushions are excellent for senior citizens. They provide intense and comforting Shiatsu massage. They can also be used to relax the muscles and alleviate muscle pain in the abdomen, lower back, upper back, legs, and neck.
These cushions are available in smart designs. Some models even come with adjustable straps so that senior citizens can carry and use them almost anywhere. They also feature massager nodes rotating in opposite directions. These nodes provide a therapeutic, powerful, and deep massage.

3. Walking Stick

These items are handy when it comes to assisting elderly individuals in walking. Walking canes or sticks help the seniors by improving their balance and mobility and avoiding falls and injuries.
If they do not like using the typical metal canes available on the market, why not get them an exclusive walking stick? These are called hiking sticks and significant for adventure and fun-loving senior citizens.
Walking sticks that come with an attached seat are great for the older people as they can take rest in between walking.
With simple design, firm grip, and quad legged, L-shaped walking sticks are the perfect choice for people with walking disabilities.
If the senior citizen is on a heavier side, then choosing the tripod walking stick is ideal as it’s height is adjustable and it can carry a massive weight.
Gift ideas for senior citizen

4. Scooter Lift

Do your grandparents or other elderly in the family use mobility devices for getting around confidently and comfortably? Yes! Then give them a scooter lift as it can transport the mobility devices efficiently. Hence, they are not limited to just wandering about in the park or the backyard. Instead, they can go on vacations and long travels too.
Portable scooter lifts that can easily fold up will not take much space and also be perfect for shopping, day trips, and appointments. It is best to go for the lifts with ratchet straps and wire harness. Also, do not forget to check whether there is a hold-down arm included or not.

5. Mobile Phone with Large Keypad

Senior citizens must have a good quality mobile phone with useful features because they generally spend most of their time alone. So, modern gadgets with large-size keypads specifically designed to suit the requirements of the seniors are ideal. You can find products loaded with exclusive features like medicine reminders, emergency SOS buttons, hearing aid compatibility, photo contact, and cradle for convenient and safe charging.

6. Mini Exercise Balls for Seniors

Exercise bands and machines are perfect for senior citizens with mobility and fitness problems. These can help in keeping them active. Mini exercise balls are ideal for seniors with osteoporosis that restrict exercise alternatives. They are easily inflatable and soft and come with an instruction manual.  Seniors can gain strength and flexibility by using these balls right from the chair every day.

7. Pill Box

Though pill boxes do not seem like the most exciting presents for the elderly, they are still crucial. Nowadays, the pill organisers available on the market are more stylish and have lots of features. They come with containers in different colours for each day of the week. Specific sections indicate the medicines that the seniors need to take during the day or night.
They even come with automatic alarms that can be set according to the time of the pills. Best of all, they easily fit into wallets and bags and can thus be taken anywhere without mixing the medicines. Always select the models with compartments that are easy to open.
Gift ideas for senior citizen

The Bottom Line

Senior citizens, be it grandparents, aunts, uncles, or any relatives, are a blessing in our life. They have given and will continue to provide us with unconditional love. So, now it is time that we take care of them, spend ample time with them, and give them the gifts mentioned above to make their lives safer and more comfortable.
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