If you know a new mum or dad, then you know someone who is yet to shop after a long time, someone who is too busy with sleepless nights and excess spending, just to take care of the new child. See Gift guide for new moms and dads:
1. Comfortable loungewear: They will most likely be going out less. So, if you will not be going out much, comfortable loungewear will make them happy with what they are wearing at home.
2. Noise-canceling headphones: Babies cry a lot and parents need their silence from time to time.
3. Hand lotion: A decent hand lotion is a wise gift for such people. With the repeated diaper changing and hand washing, any recipient will appreciate it.
4. Hair care: At times, shower time is the only alone time for new parents. Add that to postpartum hair struggles, and you’ll know it is a brilliant idea.
5. Modern photo gifts: Not all parents have the time to print their preferred pictures, talk more of putting together a photo album, you can come to their rescue.

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