In the era of smartphones, one of the biggest frustrations that smartphone users can encounter would have to be problems with their touchscreen. And speaking of problems, no one likes to be plagued with ghost touch and dead zone issues.
Although these problems can be annoying and unbearable, it’s not a hopeless situation to have to deal with them. There are ways to fix these problems and in this article, we’ll talk about the options available to you.

What is ghost touch and dead zone, anyway?

Have you ever observed your smartphone screen responding to touches you didn’t make?For example apps starting when you didn’t tap them open? That’s ghost touch. Dead zone on the other hand refers to when a section or two of your phone screen becomes unresponsive to your touch.
Be aware that ghost touch issues are sometimes as a result of improperly set up hardware components of the device — causing a buildup of static electricity. Other times it has to do with the software — as some users complain about it emerging right after an update; with some companies (OnePlus) recently releasing updates to fix the bug.

How to fix the problems at hand

Return it to the store or manufacturer

The best way to solve a problem with any device is to return it to the dealer you bought it from or the manufacturer. That saves you so much stress especially when the device is still within warranty. In such situations your device would be replaced, ideally. Some would choose to have it repaired as their first option. While this is the easiest and simplest solution, it isn’t always the quickest if you live overseas and have to ship the device.

Send it for repairs

If the above solution (returning the device) seems too lengthy and expensive for you, take your phone to a repair shop with competent technicians to have it worked on. If you happen to be a DIY person and you have the right tools available, disassemble the device, reset the screen from the data connectors and if that’s your problem as some YouTube videos suggest, then, that should be enough to fix your phone and save you from the nightmare.
Remember, you open your device at your own risk. You’d void the warranty if it’s still valid at that point so, do it yourself only if you’ve made peace with a possible bad outcome.

Backup and back to factory settings

Sometimes the solution is to return back to when the device last functioned properly. If you’ve done all you can and the ghost touch issues won’t go away, back up your files to your cloud account or PC, and initiate a reset to factory settings. When you’re done, reinstall your apps carefully noting which one it is that may be bugging your phone.

Dead zone

Dead zone issues need a screen replacement. Consider it to be a cracked screen, but this time, with unresponsiveness rather than cracks. If the dead zones adversely interfere with your ability to use the device, there’s no other way than to get the screen replaced.

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