Bitcoin has over the years gained a lot of value. Even though it hasn’t been fully accepted in our part of the world, quite a number of people appreciate the value of the cryptocurrency and trade in it often.
In Africa, one of the major startups that have encouraged the trading of BitCoin through their business is BitPesa. BitPesa operates in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania and now, Ghana. It was launched in Ghana in March 2018.
Last week Friday, Elizabeth Rossiello, CEO of BitPesa, had a meeting with some media personnel and bloggers at Impact Hub in Accra, Ghana.
The meeting was held to discuss BitPesa and the way forward in the Ghanaian market.
According to her, an extensive research was done in Ghana before they decided to come into the space.
“…running focus groups with BTC customers, we produced tomes of new market assessments looking at everything from currency controls to micro-finance institutions to innovation adoption.  We feel because of the tight currency controls, there is a market for our digital foreign exchange model, where we are a market maker for Ghanian Cedis.”
“Even when we were doing some test runs, especially with BTC trades, we saw really big uptake.  One really good proxy for Fintech success is mobile money, and Ghana has always been a forerunner in this area.  However, we are aware that in any area that seems exciting and new there is also the risk of scams.  We feel that we are not only building a brand for BitPesa, but for cryptocurrency in general– that crypto can be used for economically relevant, impactful purposes.”
Due to the fact that quite a sizable number of Ghanaians use mobile money, BitPesa is connected to two mobile networks (MTN and Airtel) which will enable you to purchase bitcoins with Mobile Money. This will enable quick and easy personal transactions.
To learn more about BitPesa, click here.
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