Following the price increase of MTN’s TurboNet router, a lot of Ghanaians have registered their displeasure on the increase. followed conversations on social media and also engaged some stakeholders on how the increase has affected them.

Photo credit – MTN

Speaking to Damian, an IT Expert, he said, ‘Because of the nature of my work, I am always connected to the internet. Personally I went in for MTN’s TurboNet router because of its affordability. The price increase is a big jump and it will force me to seek for affordable but effective alternatives. I however console myself with their non-expiry data packages’.
Enock, a Network Technician reports: ‘A friend recommended MTN’s TurboNet to me and testified of its reliability, affordability and speed. And when I finally purchased one, I wasn’t disappointed. I was however not so happy when I heard this morning of the price increase. Basically, the increase will leave me no choice than to do my cost analysis with other ISPs’.
With an increase of almost sixty-eight percent, the TurboNet router which used to be sold for Gh¢ 300 cedis has been increased to Gh¢ 499. Below highlights the new prices of  MTN’s TurboNet data;

5GB GH¢  20 GH¢  25
10GB GH¢  40 GH¢  50
45GB GH¢ 120 GH¢ 145
225GB GH¢ 240 GH¢ 295

Prior to the increment of the TurboNet router and its data, MTN Ghana duly informed its valued customers on the new changes.

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