vice president bawumia

The Ghanaian government is planning to set up a one-stop website where all state services provided by the government can be accessed. The web portal will be called “” and it will accommodate important state services like passport applications, renewal of businesses, and a whole lot.

According to vice president Bawumia, this website is going to be launched in January next year.
“We will have that one portal so that you don’t need to go to many different offices just to apply for something as simple as a passport or business registration…That is going to be that we will be launching, by the grace of God, in January next year.”

The vice president added that the government also has plans to digitise emergency services like ambulance and fire service. And it is going to do so through blockchain technology to make them more efficient.

He said: “You dial the 112 number. Immediately you dial, they will know the location from which you are dialling for the emergency service. Sometimes the emergency is such that you don’t even have time to describe where your location is.”

This will be made possible through the integration of data that will take into account one’s digital address.

VP Bawumia also added that the government was in the process of making the lands registry go completely digital through blockchain technology. This is to strengthen the integrity and make it easy to acquire land in the country.


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