Ghanaian mobile money and payment processing platform, ALEXpay, has won the Best Money Transfer Application Award at the 2019 Global Business Outlook Awards.

The Global Business Outlook awards aim to recognise and reward excellence in business to companies all over the globe, both in the public and private sector. ALEXpay is among three Ghanaian-based organizations shortlisted for the honors.

The honor, to be displayed to the organization at a function in London, is expected to recognise the company’s innovative services in 2018, a statement issued by the Global Business Outlook, organisers of the awards, said

“This recognition follows several recognitions from this country where we have been nominated for Best Mobile Money of the Year, Best Fintech Award at the MOBEX Awards during the Ghana e-commence awards, among others “It just means that we are doing something right as a Ghanaian small business that is only 15 months old, so it means that we have to begin as a country to support start-ups to see how far they will go.”

The Head Working Officer (COO) of Unified Trade Africa and prime supporter of ALEXpay, Mr Moses Kanduri, in a meeting with the Every day Realistic, said the honor was a motivation to the organization to proceed with the work they did.

He said the ALEXpay stage enabled clients to exchange cash starting with one portable cash account then onto the next on an alternate system, with or without Web access to cross over any barrier between the kept money and the unbanked populace.

“This acknowledgment pursues a few acknowledgments from this nation where we have been selected for Best Versatile Cash of the Year, Best Fintech Grant at the MOBEX Grants amid the Ghana e-initiate grants, among others “It just implies that we are accomplishing something perfectly fine Ghanaian independent venture that is just 15 months old, so it implies that we need to start as a nation to help new companies to perceive how far they will go,” he said.

Mr Kanduri, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Allied Exchange Africa and co-Founder of ALEXpay also added that the organization will soon conclude on a partnership that will allow cross-border payments to help the company improve on its services.

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