Ghanaian female-led startups at Ghana Tech Lab

Ghanaian female-led startups are gradually moving the upward trajectory direction along with the rest of the world. Some of these startups, basically tech startups, have been given the needed recognition at the recent National Startups Investment Pitch Summit (NSIPS).

The National Startups Investment Pitch Summit (NSIPS) which was set up by the Ghana Tech Lab took place at the Accra Digital Centre. At the event, 5 female innovators out of 3 groups were adjudged winners after the pitch rating was declared.

Min. Vincent Sowah Odotei, the Deputy Minister of Communications, graced the event as the representative of the government. He delivered the keynote address.

Ghana Tech Lab, as the Minister gave his speech, was just a mere structure a few months ago. But for the intervention of government through the eTransform Project of the Communications Ministry and funding from the World Bank, the project is now a full-fledged mLab.

Dep. Min. Odotei also said the government is ever ready to help bring digital transformation into the country, thus helping more youths to develop businesses around tech. Odotei then called on investors to back the various startup ideas that were pitched at the event financially.

Back to the ideas and pitches. Startup ideas that were pitched ranged from a lot of fields including agritech, crime reporting, healthcare, transportation, and finance management.

11 teams were selected to pitch and exhibit their mobile apps and the innovative ideas surrounding those apps. 3 female-led startup groups were given the top accolades after the pitching.


The first one is the BEBA app. This is a health care app that lists recognised pharmacy shops and makes them easily accessible to patients and caretakers. The BEBA app’s idea was pitched by Belinda Soglo and Isaac Batsa. It won the overall recognition. BEBA app scored the best startup idea at the end of the pitch ratings.

Belinda Soglo and Isaac Batsa, BEBA app
Belinda Soglo and Isaac Batsa (BEBA app)


The next female-led startup idea was the Diabetica app. The idea was pitched by Delight Osei and Yayra Yawo Nutsakpui. Diabetica, as the name may have suggested, is basically to assist diabetic patients and solve issues existing around the medical condition. The app took the first runner app place as the best startup idea.


Falling in the second runner up position is the Xpendly app from Elorm Axorlu and Ebi-yaa Kwaw. As a financial tracker, the Xpendly app helps individuals to better manage their finances.

Elorm Axorlu and Ebi-yaa Kwaw, Xpendly app,
Elorm Axorlu and Ebi-yaa Kwaw (Xpendly app),

As part of the Ghana Tech Lab incubator program, the National Startup Investment Pitch Summit (NSIPS) accords startup to pitch their final ideas to potential investors, stakeholders, and the general public.

The panel of the event discussed with participants and attendees Startup Investment, Entrepreneurial Innovation in Ghana, Job Market (connecting to the global market), and Access to startup capital.

The panel of judges scored the pitchers for technical innovation, creativity, execution of idea. Also, there was an investment panel who queried the financial aspect of the startup ideas.

The 11 startups that pitched at the NSIP Summit have been through 3 months of training to get here. They had a month training of mobile app development to a 1-week intensive boot camp then a hackathon.

Then the 2 months of intensive incubation came. The incubation months exposed these Ghanaian female-led startups to the right business development and technical training. As well, they were given the support to help build their ideas into a full-fledged product and services of economic value.

A lot of organisations partnered the Ghana Tech Lab to train these innovators. Included are Kumasi Hive, iCode, iSpace, Dansyn, and Developers in Vogue.

The rest are Code Coast, Hopin Academy, Grassroot Hub, Ho Node Hub, and Yison Tech Hub.


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