One of the world’s robust startup incubator, Seedstars World, is coming to host its 2019 Africa Tour here in Ghana. Seedstars is seen as the largest startup competition for emerging markets and fast-growing startup scenes.
Seedstars World is doing the 2019 Africa Tour in collaboration with Stanbic Business Incubator Ghana, who is hosting the event. The two incubators are going to organise a dynamic pitch event on August 8, 2019, in Accra.
Seedstars’ Regional Manager for Africa, Claudia Makadristo, noted that the organisation is excited to return to the country for the 7th time. She also noted that the 2019 Africa Tour will be more challenging as Seedstars acknowledges that there are a lot of companies in Ghana that are developing high-end products and services.
“We are very excited to come back to Ghana for the 7th time! The stakes are higher than ever as we’ve been in this ecosystem for more years now and know there are companies in Ghana’s developing high-quality products. We are looking for the best and asides attending the Africa regional summit, they have an opportunity to be chosen to represent Africa at the global summit in Switzerland in 2020!”
Seedstars is joined by Tom-Chris Emewulu of Stars from all Nations (SFAN). Emewulu remarked that “Seedstars World is the world’s biggest entrepreneurship competition in emerging markets. As such, winners are immersed into one of the largest entrepreneurship communities on the planet and are given the tools to scale their businesses.”
Stanbic Business Incubator Ghana is hosting the event and is the main sponsor as well. Stanbic has been the local partner to Seedstars since 2015.
The Manager, Foster Awintiti Akugri: “We have continued to support this cause as an incubator because it’s a great platform to help startups in Ghana, gain exposure, access to market and access to funding.”

Seedstars World 2019 Africa Tour

Seedstars says the startups that wish to join the Seedstars World 2019 Africa Tour should be less than two years old. Also, the startup should have a maximum of USD 500,000 of funding to date.
The startup’s regional and global scalability is also the criterion they will be looking at. That startup must have a minimum viable product which has some existing traction.
Applications are open until the deadline date, July 29, 2019. Applications can be done at
Seedstars will conduct a screening to shortlist about 10 of the best seed-stage startups in Ghana. The selected startups will pitch their business models on August 8, 2019. Winners of the competition will go on to compete at the Seedstars Summit in Switzerland.
Tom-Chris Emewulu, Founder at Stars from all Nations (SFAN) has thrown the challenge. We are looking for brilliant seed-stage startups in Ghana to represent the country at the worldwide Seedstars Summit in Switzerland. If you think you got what it takes, send in your applications right away!” 

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