Ghana to have Universal QR Code payment system

From December this year, Ghana will have a “Universal QR Code” system, according to the government. This system is going to be a way of making payments electronically in the country.

Vice President Bawumia said the government is introducing the QR Code systems to leverage the technologies that it [the Government] has built. “Once we launch the Universal QR code, all businesses and traders will essentially no longer need point of sale devices,” he added.

He continued that “Mobile phones will be sufficient to receive payment wherever, and will go directly into your account that you have received payment. This is going to start next month. Singapore, China, and the UK have all launched the QR code so Ghana is going to be the first in Africa. We are going to launch it next month so we move on to be a cashless society to make e-commerce enhancing.

Currently, there are not many details on the new QR Code for payments as the government has just announced it. And there are a few platforms using this QR Code to facilitate transactions in Ghana. Examples are QR Payment option from Visa and MasterPass QR Payment from MasterCard and Ecobank.


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