The Ghana tech summit will be hosted in Accra from 18th July- 10th July 2018
The event aims to bring together hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors, digital marketers and creatives under one roof together to address humanity’s greatest challenges via technology and entrepreneurship. The central theme of the global summit is to “catalyze entrepreneurial and business ecosystems in emerging markets”.
The event will host speakers from Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, Twitter, IBM, Microsoft, and more. Over 40+ media representatives from Forbes, Inc Magazine, Fast Company, Black Enterprise, NY Times and more will be in attendance.The launch of Ghana Tech Summit was announced on at the MIPAD (Most Influential People of African Descent) event at the United Nations in New York and during the Obama Summit in Chicago, USA.The event is a 12 year initiative of the Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE)- the first and largest digital accelerator that accelerates 1000 companies to market annually across 190+ countries entirely online.
Below is the schedule of the event:

Table of Contents


  • July 18th Opening Ceremony 6pm-9pm
  • July 19th Day 1 Sessions, Workshops, Roundtables 9am-6pm (7pm VIP Dinner)
  • July 20th Day 2 Sessions, Workshops, Roundtables 9am-6pm + (6pm-until Afterparty)


July 18th Welcome Ceremony 6pm-9pm (Invite List + International Arrivals ONLY)
July 19th Day 1 Sessions & Roundtables 9am-6pm (7pmInvite List VIP/Celebrity Dinner)

  • Ghana – The Silicon Gateway of Africa
  • Influencers of the Millenial Generation- Future Leaders of Ghana 30 Under 30
  • Africa As the Final Tech Frontier: Rise of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Space
  • Influencers of Silicon Valley (America)
  • Influencers Africa & The Diaspora- A look at Entrepreneurial Disruptors from Around the World”
  • Influencers of Global Markets
  • Influencers of Funding: Insights from VC, Angel, & Corporate Investors
  • Rise of Social Impact Icons- The Role of NGO, Social Entrepreneurs and Impact Makers
  • How to leverage Google Resources
  • Rise of the Digital Age, Morality and Identity

July 20th Day 2 Sessions, & Roundtables 9am-6pm + (6pm-until Afterparty)

  • The Tech Unicorn vs Phoenix: Legends of IBM, Uber, Microsoft, & Airbnb
  • The Corporate Conversation on Tech: Speakers from Vodaphone, MTN, GE
  • Future of Education & Training
  • Future of Media, Sports & Entertainment
  • Industry Mashup Future of E-commerce & Mobile Payments
  • Industry Mashup- Exponential Tech Futures- A Look at Blockchain, Ai, VR and Space tech companies
  • UN Decade Africa: MIPAD- Most Influential People of African Descent
  • How Our Leaders Can Accelerate Policy & National Identity of Africa & Its Diaspora- Future of Government
  • Future of Africa: The Landscape of Global Smart City Initiatives
  • From Aid to Trade- The New Economic Narrative of Ghana & Africa

July 19-20th Workshop Sessions

  • Workshop: Personal Branding 101- How to Build and Monetize Your Brand in 30 Days
  • Workshop: How to Build Your Professional Brand on LinkedIn
  • Workshop: Github- How to code a website or app
  • Workshop: How to Build An Exponential Tech Company in 6 Months – Blockchain, IOT, Artificial Intelligence
  • Experience: Q/A and media room with speakers (*long lines will lead to first come first served processing)

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