Ghana Tech Lab is running a free AI incubator program for AI startup ideas

Ghana Tech Lab free AI incubator program

Ghana Tech Lab (GTL) is organising a free AI incubator program looking to build and help realise startup ideas that revolve around artificial intelligence. The World Bank-funded mlab is going to enroll 28 artificial intelligence startup teams in this program.

The startups selected across the country are going to join the AI incubator program for free. The mission of the incubator program is basically to help drive artificial intelligence innovation in the country.

This is looking to be achieved by providing innovative startup ideas around artificial intelligence with needed support and resources. Expert and competent coaching in the program will also, at least, give the young entrepreneurs the real chance to realise their ideas.

The Base program, under which the Ghana Tech Lab incubator program is, is a flagship program by Lab under the e-Transform project of the Ministry of Communications. The incubator program, which is in the 2nd cohort of the mlab’s Base program, is aimed at giving opportunities to youths and affording them with a full scope of what it takes to start up a business and carry it to the next level.

Ghana Tech Lab has already organised a 6-weeks artificial intelligence training program prior to the current free AI incubator program. The Lab organised this training program in collaboration with its partner hubs across the country. This was to equip the participants with the needed skills for an AI startup development.

In the previous AI training program, 300 young and passionate innovators were counted. Out of the 300, 104 of them were females, which represents an encouraging 35%.

As an activity within the AI training package, local hackathons were organised across the country. The hackathon gave these young entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their ideas in teams to competent business and technical experts.

At the end of the whole program, the expert judges selected 56 promising entrepreneurs as the AI startup ideas that really deserve to move on to the Ghana Tech Lab free AI incubator program. As the 56 chosen young entrepreneurs were in teams of two, we got 28 teams in all.

So for the next 10 weeks, the 28 selected AI startup teams will be given competent coaching opportunities from industry experts. Full mentorship, exposure to industry events, and seed funding will also be provided to help develop their ideas into feasible tech startups.

The selected startup teams will be taken through a simultaneous timeline of business and technical training sessions during this incubation boot camp. This will be done in collaboration with partner hubs across the country.

One session will be focusing on the business and technical development topics aimed at introducing these startups to market strategies. The other will look at building an innovative technical structure for their ideas to be feasible.

The Ghana Tech Lab AI incubator program is taking place from September 24, 2019, through to the 29th of November, 2019.

Partners of the Lab that will be joining to train the startups include Dansyn Ghana, Icode, Hopin Academy, Grassroot Hub, iSpace, Ho Node, Yison Tech Hub, Kumasi Hive, Developers in Vogue and Code Coast.

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