According to the Communication Minister, Ursula Owusu-Ekuful, the government aims to develop a network which will offer voice and data services to residents in zones that do not have telecom signals. For that reason, Ghana is seeking $100 million in order to boost rural access to telecom services.
Negotiations are ongoing between the finance ministry and her department to obtain funds for the project which has already been approved by the government; the minister revealed.
Currently, Ghana has a mobile telephony penetration rate of above 100%. However, network penetration rate of the telecom providers is still lagging. This is mainly because of the nonexistence of, or inefficient telecom access in many of the country’s regions.
Ghana has succeeded in bringing network access to some remote areas. This is largely due to telecom giants such as Huawei providing technical support. However, a lot still remains to be done in order to bring the rural part of the country into the digital fold.
Mrs Owusu-Ekuful indicated that the country intends to launch the project by the middle of next year [2019]. “Once we’ve got funding, we expect to complete it by the end of 2020,” she said.
This project’s goal is to dynamize the country’s digital economy and further integrate rural population in the digital governance.

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