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ghana esports association

In our earlier article on eSports as a tool for driving Ghana’s economy, we discussed the importance of a governing body for eSports in the country. In this article, we shall talk more about the Ghana eSports Association (GeSA) including their vision and objective as well their grand plan to organise tournaments for eSports players: amateurs and professionals.

The primary objective of the Ghana Electronic Sports Association (GeSA) is to create an environment that encourages amateur and professional electronic sports (eSports) in Ghana. In very simple terms, the association seeks to get the attention of the Ghanaian populace, various institutions and government authorities to help promote eSports in the country just as has been done in countries such as the USA, China, Germany, South Africa. The need for such a move has already been established in our previous article, and it will surely do this country a lot of good if it were to help the GeSA create a good environment for eSports in Ghana.

The following paragraphs state in unambiguous terms the objectives of the association, its plan to organise tournaments and the process of securing membership with the International Electronic Sports Federation (IeSF).

Ghana Electronic Sports (eSports) Association (eSports also eSports Ghana or Ghana eSports) is a non-profit organization that acts as a bridge between Government, various institutions, Digital Entertainment agencies  and the eSports Community so as to create an environment that encourages amateur and professional eSports practitioners in Ghana from grassroots initiatives through to full professional level competitive eSports and related technologies.

It is the governing body of eSports in Ghana and is currently working on securing membership status with the International eSports Federation (IeSF). eSports Ghana is responsible for governing amateur and professional eSports practitioners, building a structure with the government, corporate institutions as well as the populace.

Some of the key stakeholders include the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Information, Ghana Education Service, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Art, Ministry of Science & Technology, Ghana Police Service, the Print and Electronic Media, Entertainment and Information Technology firms (Software and Hardware Publishers/Outlets, and other International bodies.

eSports Ghana is in the works of setting up leagues and cup tournaments, split between three divisions: Open Division, Championship Division and Premiership Division. Each division represents the different levels of competition from amateur to professional and will be played both online and offline through the means of a personal computer or video games console. Teams can compete in a series of video games (EA FIFA, Call of Duty and Counter-Strike). Competition finals of these divisions will be hosted at a specially selected venue in the country.

Alisxta Innovation, Virtual Union, 4Change and Playbox Ghplus Brand affiliates together form the founding pillars of eSports Ghana. They bring on board their diverse expertise and years of knowledge in a bid to make Ghana an eSports nation.

One of the striking things in the above paragraphs has to do with the intention of the association to organise competitions for eSports players. The organisation of such tournaments as noted in our earlier article will undoubtedly create employment for several unemployed Ghanaians in the country and also create another source of revenue for the country.

The eSports association has an excellent plan in developing eSports in the country, and Ghana stands to benefit tremendously.  We at appeal to the government, corporate and state institutions and the media to help support this cause on promoting eSports in the country.


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