ghana cyber security centre

Ghana is soon going to get a Cyber Security Centre to help combat cybercrime and cyber threats in the country. This Cyber Security Centre is going to be established by American and Israeli security firms, Aventura Technologies and TripleCyber, respectively.

The partnership will see an ultra-modern cyber security centre built in Ghana. It also opens the way for Ghana to be exposed to both technology and skilled personnel in the cyber security world.

Last year, it was revealed that Ghana lost about $95 million to cyber fraud from January to August. By the end of the year (2018), it rose to $120 million.

Apart from the ultra-modern cyber security centre, the two security companies will also help to train Ghanaians in the cyber security field. Emmanuel S. Asiedu, the Chief Executive of Aventura Technologies Ghana, stressed on this part.

“The overarching objective of this partnership is to create jobs and produce world-class cyber security experts capable of managing the ultramodern systems we are building.

“We are determined to help produce Ghanaians who will take charge of our country’s cyber security so that we don’t have to rely on foreigners which pose serious risks to us a nation.”

Professor K.O. Boateng from Aventura Technologies Ghana also commended the aggressive digitisation agenda of the government of Ghana. He insisted that as interconnectivity will spur Ghana’s growth, there is the need to protect the country’s cyberspace.

He continued that Ghana must take its Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education seriously because it is the only way to produce the needed human resource for the cyber security field.



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