Ghana’s digital currency marketplace, BitSika hit 1 million transactions

BitSika, a young digital currency marketplace operating in Ghana has announced that transactions on its platform have reached a milestone of 1 million. The announcement done via one of the founders’ Twitter page showed a graph representing the transactions BitSika has processed so far.

BitSika was launched by Astu Davoh and Samuel Boahen back in 2018. The platform, though, is made by Ghanaians and operates in Ghana, it serves customers across the African continent.

This digital currency marketplace leans on blockchain technology to ensure that its customers receive money instantly at anywhere at zero cost. BitSika, though young, is receiving some investments. Microtraction gave it an early investment fund in 2018 and Binance has also given it $120,000 in seed funding.

There are mobile apps available for both Android and iOS.


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