The right strategy in a mass marketing campaign is key to the success of the campaign. A great platform, a wonderful product, impressive service and the right offer are all very important factors that contribute to the success of a campaign. However, the campaign itself needs to be worked out in a manner to leverage the benefits of proven methods. For instance, the use of emojis in text messages needs to be assessed as per the domain of operations.  Let’s dive deeper into the fine art of devising an effective campaign.
SMS Marketing Strategy

The Art Of Timing A Message Right

Mobile phones are more like an extension of individuals. Phones are now the devices of preference for launching searches and for accessing websites, services and to perform all routine activities. As part of your efforts to check out how to do SMS marketing right, you need to ensure that you get your timing right. An individual who has just checked out the products and services on your website can certainly do with a little bit of prompting with an SMS offering attractive discounts. This will help to keep your brand topmost on his mind, and the offer can swing his decision in your way.

Conveying The Right Kind Of Message With Emojis

Emojis seem to have captured the imagination of the present generation.  Individuals of the older generation also prefer to use emojis to express their emotions. However, it is important to ensure that you get this right. Overloading a business offer with too much of unrelated emojis will dilute the message that you share & emojis in need to be contextually appropriate. For instance, your desire to use an emoji should not result in you putting the wrong emoji which will have the opposite result of what you intended.  The age and the preferences of the target audience also need to be taken into consideration. If the targeted segment is a younger generation then you can take the liberty of using more emojis – however, it needs to be appropriate.

Striking The Right Balance Between The Latest Trends And Adopting A Consistent Approach

While it is entirely true that emojis are in trending, there is no guarantee that this will continue forever. It is highly likely that something else may replace the emojis in the future. It is therefore important to strike the right balance between adopting the latest trends and sticking to an approach that is consistent always. For now, emojis are the fed, and they need to be used selectively for best results. Investing too much time effort and resources towards developing branded emojis may not be a very good idea if you do not intend to use it always.
Key to the success of using any new feature is the need to ensure that the new features work with all platforms and operating systems.  After all, you would certainly not want to leave out a segment of your targeted customers mainly because they have systems and devices that are incompatible with the features that you use in your promotional campaigns.
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