Instagram is the best social platform where you can reach a large audience and generate more sales. Instagram is famous for offering new features and ways to reach the target audience and Instagram stories are one of them. It is the fun yet creative way to entice the new followers. But the lifespan is shorter than post feed because they disappear after 24 hours. But you can save your popular stories by using Instagram highlight feature. Make sure to invest plenty of time to create engaging stories that your audience love. But how to get more Instagram followers with the help of Instagram stories? Here we will talk about some ways that will help you to create an interesting and engaging story for your audience.
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How to get more Instagram followers using Instagram stories:

Create Stories Your Audience Will Love

You don’t need to hire a professional graphic designer to create a good video or visuals. Instagram stories is not a polished section of Instagram, so you can share unedited videos over there. Either way, use the editing tool or Instagram story editing feature to edit your video with stickers, emojis, filters and overlay text. You can use Cava and Adobe spark to create engaging stories. You can purchase Etsy templates and use them for your stories. Also, you can add animation and custom text to make them more creative and captivating.

Make Engaging Instagram Stories

You can add only 15-second video to your stories. There are different ways to get your viewers to stay on the stories for a long time. Know more about social media marketing for

1. Split Videos Up:

You can make short segments of videos and turn them the longer video. There are some apps such as cut story can help you to split the longer video into multiple short segments. It is a good way to keep your audience clicking through the story to watch the complete video.

2. Ask a Question

Go live and ask a question to your followers, encouraging them to comment on your story or send a direct message. You can get to know your followers better. Always try to create interesting content that is related to their core interests.

3. Create an Instagram Story Poll:

In order to grow your following and engage your viewers, create the Instagram story poll. You can ask your followers on other social platforms to watch your stories once you create the poll. By doing this, more people from different social media platforms can view your profile and follow you as well.

Go Live on Instagram:

Live Instagram stories can give you a chance to connect with your audience in real time. It is also cost effective because you have no need to edit the video using fancy software. Moreover, it is a good way to get more comments and likes in real time. If you go live, your followers will receive a notification that you are living on Instagram. It is also a great way to increase your brand awareness.

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