Ladies, you deserve better. You are too beautiful to be putting yourself through hell all in the name of keeping a man. Let’s help you read the signs and end things immediately the end is near. Here’s how to get a girl on social media:
1. He becomes distant: When your man starts maintaining his distance from you, he is done. He has decided to detach himself emotionally because he is not willing to continue the relationship with you. This should tell you that his mind is now somewhere else and what you share is over. Move on.
2. He fails to return your calls: If he still cares about you, he should return your calls. Not doing this means he has stopped thinking about you and you no longer matter to him. Men will always block off all communication channels with the women they are done with.
3. He gets impatient with you: When the environment gets intense and harsh when he is around, he is tired of you. This is when guys begin to do very annoying things just to get rid of you. Emotional trauma is likely at this point so it is best to find a new partner.
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4. He intentionally ignores you: When he is done with you, everything you do cannot be appreciated. He will completely ignore you and treat you like crap. He might even embarrass you in public or disgrace you in ways you do not expect. Do not force things to continue because the relationship is over.
5. He’ll stop caring: You will no longer be his priority. When you are ill and you reach out to him, he won’t show up. When you need his help, he will not be there. Just take the hint and move on with your life.


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