There are so many individuals of different age groups all over the world who possess amazing talents. However, many of these talents are unexplored and others are just known by people close to them (family and friends).
You are a good rapper, singer, actor, spoken word artist or photographer. Maybe, you are talented with another skill. But you are still waiting for that breakthrough– that moment for you to be connected to the right promoter who will make you shine.
Don’t worry, Sakorah is here to help you.
Sakorah Talent Hub has devised a mechanism to connect those with the talent to those who are in search of talents.

What is Sakorah?

SAKORAH.COM is an online talent hub or platform for discovering amazing talents. It is a web and mobile app portal where talented individuals can upload or post their videos, audios and pictures of their talents and wait to be discovered by agents or scouts, agencies, producers, C.E.O of record labels, or any other individual seeking new amazing talents
Also, Sakorah is set up to bridge the gap between opportunity and talent, creating a platform or community where talents and talent managers can find one another quickly, easily and cost-effectively.
The main focus is to get your talent closer to agents, scouts, talent managers and other parties of interest.

Why you should use Sakorah

You are very talented yet, it’s only those close to you who know about your talent. You have tried using your social media handles and YouTube to share your stuff in order to attract followers. However, it hasn’t yielded much result.
So get your demos, videos, images and audios from your phone because Sakorah provides a virtual community to people like you to showcase your talent for free. All you have to do is upload your content and Sakorah will fully take care of how to get your content to the right people who may be interested in your talent.

What makes Sakorah a platform to trust?

Sakorah is customized with features to foster your chances of being discovered. Among these features are:

  1. Challenge Feature

This is the flagship feature of the platform which will enable to organize online national and international talent oriented competitions. This feature allows you to submit your videos, picture or music for national competition (challenge) on monthly basis. The Challenges take a duration of a month within which you can submit or upload a cover of popular songs, videos and so on.

  1. The Scouting

Also, this is an important feature on the platform that helps C.E.O’s of major music record labels, scouts or agents to organized talent hunts on his or her private portal.  In this case, you send your demos (music), videos or picture directly to the agent/Scout or the C.E.O’S portal for him or her to select you as a winner or the most talented one. This portal can be used by any agent, agencies, CEO, Organization or individuals to hunt or discover talents.

  1. Categories

The categories is where the talents are simply arranged and divided into various popular talents in the world. For examples, Soccer, boxing, dancing, rapping, singing, photography, make-up artist, event planners, it is nicely arranged for easy access and very user friendly.

  1. The Private Chat (Messaging tool feature)

This is a private messaging tool that allows chat between the users (the talent and an agent) on the platform. The scout can use this to easily and quickly reach out to the talent that he or she is interested in.

  1. Audition feature

This feature provides the latest updates or news on any upcoming audition events within a particular geographical location. The public gets to see all the buzz and hype about upcoming audition shows on the platform.
Ultimately, Sakorah wants to make a big difference in talent discovery in Africa and beyond. Enough of the desperation, spend some few minutes and register on Upload your content and wait patiently for the next big call that will change your life and career.
Start your journey to greatness by clicking here.

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