The G-Money wallet: Truly everywhere you go

A lot has been said about the G-Money wallet in recent times. From the guaranteed security of your funds to the rapid response when your account has been compromised, the mobile payments platform from GCB Bank has been making the news for all the right reasons.

Today’s article would focus on the convenience of getting to use your G-Money account beyond the borders of Ghana.

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Using your G-Money wallet while roaming

For most local payment platforms, travelling outside the country means you can only receive payments — without being able to send from your local e-wallet. That is not the case with your G-Money account.

To be able to use your wallet beyond the walls of Ghana, be sure to activate international roaming on your smartphone before embarking on the journey. Once you’re out there, you can continue to purchase airtime for your family or friends back home and make other payments as before. Nothing changes. All you need to do is to be aware of the international roaming rates — as those charges would apply.

What is the G-Money wallet?

It is a digital payment (mobile money) platform for facilitating the transfer of funds from one account (bank or mobile wallet) to another. Your G-Money account also offers you convenience as it can be used to purchase and make payment for other services such as utility bills, airtime, and even tuition fees.

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