G-Money, the Ghanaian led mobile money service is innovative in so many ways. Aside it having the best pricing (transaction charges) on the market, many unique features set it apart from the already existing mobile payment platforms.
One of such is its ability to act as an account manager — enabling you to link multiple GCB Bank accounts to your G-Money account. This is what we shall spend the rest of this article focusing on.
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G-Money: The ultimate bank account manager

For most businesses and even individuals, having more than one bank account is not a strange thing. After all, most people have mobile numbers for the various network service providers so; it only makes sense that they’d want to have separate accounts for various businesses or services.
While owning multiple bank accounts is never out of place, it certainly presents a problem when all are active for various purposes — with some being used as personal accounts and others, fulfilling business roles.
This is where G-Money’s wallet manager feature comes in handy — allowing you to link all your existing GCB bank accounts to your G-Money account in order to perform transactions seamlessly.
This is very convenient, not only to individuals but to businesses as well as organizations such as churches, NGOs, and charity/outreach services. Also, being able to link all your wallets together means you’re able to complete transactions using a particular wallet.
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How to register for the service

For the already existing GCB Bank customer, dialing *422# and following the prompts from the GCB menu is all it would take to be registered on the platform. Non-customers would have to visit any GCB Bank branch with a valid national ID in order for the relevant particulars to be taken — so they can be registered onto the service.

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