Frimps Analytics, a Ghanaian tech company that focuses on data analytics has trained about 65 people in Big Data Analytics. This was done via its first free seminar on Big Data Analytics.

The seminar was attended by people from various fields including healthcare, security, finance, and oil and gas. Some students from the University of Ghana and the Ghana Technology University College (GTUC) also benefitted from the training.


The chief executive officer of Frimps Analytics, Eugene Frimpong, on why the seminar was organised, said: “Big Data Analysis is an area that needs to be looked at as a critical area of development in the country.”

Frimpong added that Ghana has very low commitment when it comes to effective data analysis. Thus, Frimps Analytics organised this Big Data Analytics training to “train professionals to organise data effectively for development planning”.

All participants were given certificates at the end of the training.

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