Vital rules of friends-with-benefits relationships

friends-with-benefits relationships

Friendship-with-benefits is an intercourse-filled relationship that excludes emotions and commitment. Even if most people do not support it because it totally goes against the normal relationships we are used to, it is a clear reality in the 21st century. See Vital rules of friends-with-benefits relationships:
1. No Love: The probability that one or both of you will begin to catch feelings is super high. However, once that happens, it will gradually become a regular relationship. Therefore, it is best to kill the emotions except you are both ready to go that route.
2. Sext, don’t text: The only SMS you should send to such a friend is “my place or yours?” You cannot text like regular lovers if you do not want things to get more serious.
3. No Dates: This one is hard since you are both friends and might need to eat together once in a while. However, always make sure you do not treat it as a date, else, awkwardness can creep in.
4. Don’t do it if you really cherish your friendship: Friends with benefits is fine with that guy or girl you met recently, but not with old friends. It takes time to build friendships so you do not want to throw it all away just so you can get in bed with him or her. If you are hopeless romantic, you need to avoid it as well you only need a real lover.
5. No jealousy: No matter how amazing the intercourse is, never feel entitled to it. This friend is not your property, you are only helping each other.



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