For typical freelance tech professionals, remote work opportunities are a thing to be cherished. Being able to secure well paying gigs that give you the flexibility of working from the comfort of your home or office — from anywhere in the world, is a pleasant thing.
Data Engineers, DevOps, Product Managers, Software Developers UX Designers — and the like — are always on the lookout for good remote work opportunities. If you happen to find yourself in that situation, or know anyone like that then, stick around; there’s bound to be something here that would interest you.

Best companies for freelance tech professionals

This list is built with work flexibility in mind. Also, the companies are listed here based on the testimonials of people who have already worked with them, or are still engaged with them in a professional capacity.


AngelList was started in 2010 for tech startups in need of seed funding. Since 2015, it has  allowed startups to raise money, free of charge, from angel investors. This is a great place for people who would not mind working with companies in their early stages.

Go ahead and set up your profile and from there you can begin to filter for the jobs that interest you.
On the future of remote work, Naval Ravikant, co-founder of AngelList had this to say:
“We’re going to see an era of everyone employing remote tech workers, and it’s not too far away. In fact, now’s the time to prepare for it. But I think in the meantime, the companies that are going to do the best job at it are the ones that are remote companies or that have divisions internally that are remote. It’s going to be done through lengthy trials. It’s going to be done through new forms of evaluating whether someone can work remotely effectively.”


If you’re looking to be employed with US standard hourly rates then, Crossover is the network you should be aiming to work with. Here’s a heads up: according to the testimonial of one successful candidate, the selection process can be a tough one.

Visiting the website, there are remote work opportunities for freelance tech professionals in the following; software engineering, data analytics, data science, cloud engineers as well as database administration and account management, etc.

So far, Crossover has nine Ghanaian professionals working with them and there are opportunities for more to get on board.


Gigster seems to be the hub of top tier talent, hence their pay rates are quite good, and don’t change based on your location in the world. This platform with its teams of elite designers, developers and project managers provide software development on demand. Users can get their fixed price quote and development teams assembled within minutes.
Major corporations turn to Gigster when they want some work done without the need to employ full-time staff.

Gigster prides itself in the fact that regardless of where you’re working from, it pays you San Francisco wages for work done.


Toptal serves companies across industries, and is not limited to hardcore software development only. For freelance accountants, statisticians, and consultants, and people working in finance, to software engineers and designers for the automotive industry. Blockchain engineers and related freelance tech professionals are not excluded either.

Just like Crossover, mentioned earlier, Toptal has a rigorous selection process; beginning with a language and personality test used to evaluate candidates’ personality and communication skills in English. The wages, however,, vary based on your location. Toptal is an exclusive network, only accepts the top 3% — those with elite industry experience — out of the thousands of applications received each month.


Launched in 2016, CodementorX is an exclusive freelance platform to hire top developers.

With over 400,000 developers on this platform, CodementorX stands out from others with its AI driven nine layer vetting and matching process. Also, it has a dedicated engagement manager in order to ensure that its hiring process is fast.

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