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Winter is already here and the excitement is crazy. But what if you haven’t subscribed to the streaming service that shows the series? You’ll then need to find sites where you can download the final season of the Game of Thrones series.

There are many sites on the internet claiming you can freely download the series. But questions most people ask are, “What is the quality?”, “Is it good quality?” and “Is it HD?”

The quality of the video is quite important to Game of Thrones fans. In fact, quality is as important as the series itself.

Another question that rises is safety. Security conscious people will ask if it is safe to download from these sites. Well, for that you’d need to be careful of the sites you want to choose.

To save you time going round and round on the internet looking for places to download the Game of Thrones season 8, we have listed some best sites to download it.

Best sites to download Game of Thrones Season 8


best free sites to download Game of Thrones Season 8

First on the list here is This torrent site offers you high-quality Game of Thrones videos. And it is not just Game of Thrones series that can be downloaded from this site. You can get all other popular TV shows and big screen movies too. Games and music are also available on this site.


Next on the list is SeeHD. To make finding the movies and series easy for downloaders, SeeHD has a tab that has categorised the videos in its catalogue by the years they were released.

It also categorises the movies and series according to their genres; comedy, crime, action, horror, romance, sci-fi, etc. Plus, the quality of all the series and movies is high definition.


Best free sites to download Game of Thrones Season 8 is the next best site for freely downloading the season 8 of the Game of Thrones TV series. This site has all the Game of Thrones seasons right from the very first episode to the very latest episode. You can get the video qualities in 480p (which is mainly for the older seasons), 720p (older seasons) and 1080p (mostly for the newer seasons).

There is one trick here. If you enter just “” into the address bar, you won’t reach the site. You’d need to add the prefix “www.”. So, it will be “


best free sites to download Game of Thrones Season 8

DopeMovies is also an awesome site to download the latest Game of Thrones series. The series is available in high definition quality. A lot of other popular TV series and movies are also available on this site.

Another cool thing on this site is, it has a section dedicated to Ghanaian movies (Ghallywood). The site has also categorised the movies and TV series according to the years they were released.


Last on my list for sites to download Game of Thrones season 8 is As the name suggests, you will get almost all any popular TV series on this site.

Just log on and click the search, and enter “Game of Thrones season 8”. You are on your way to enjoying your favourite TV series.

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