When it comes to Android phones, spying on them is a very taxing task. Android phones have a very stringent policy with respect to direct remote access to their phones. While iOS can be accessed in a completely remote manner, Android is a little tricky to spy.
But, there is one effective solution for the same. You might find many free spy apps for android, but there is one such application that far supersedes others. This web-based app called Safespy is most coveted when it comes to spying on Android undetectably.

Safespy: Best Hidden Android Spy app

You will get a lot of options and alternatives if you look for the best-hidden app for Android. All spy applications try to prove themselves to be better than the lot. Most spy app using enthusiasts often fall prey to the marketing gimmicks of such applications.
This is where Safespy allows its users to efficiently spy on Android.  The secretiveness is absolutely intact through this platform. While other applications are hidden homes to malware and phishing tools, Safespy is safe. It doesn’t allow any external or third party application to enter your system.

How is Safespy hidden?

The kind of data and integrity retention you get with Safespy, you cannot get with any other application. There are many ways in which Safespy ensures that the trails are minimized and no suspicion is instigated.
Amongst many ways in which this web-based application ensures secretiveness, below are the core reasons:

No Trails

As a layman, what are the incidents that can evidently lead to a trail of you using a spy application? There are certain ways in which most spy applications end up leaving trails for their conduct:

  • The application asks you to download or install the software. If someone else accesses your system, they can see such an installation and get to know of your spying. Safespy does not ask you to make any installation or download any software.
  • The application can ask you to provide a lot of detail and data during registration. The data can range from a phone number, receipt of one time passwords and other checks. This leaves a pertinent trail in your inbox.
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You can register to Safespy with just your email ID. Yes, you do not need to provide any of your vital details. All that is needed is your email ID that will be the only basis for essential communication.
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  • Other spy apps also end up spamming your inbox and even your email with promotional offers and schemes. If someone else tends to access your inbox and email, they could see that you have been using such a spy application.

Safespy functions in a very discreet manner. You get no promotional offers on emails or phone. In fact, the email is only used for sending the setup link. There is no ask for any sort of additional information.


Key Features

The features and functions of Safespy are extremely abundant. The application is not only different but also much better than other spy apps. You can practically clone the Android phone under question. Anything that is done on the phone, you can see.
Some of the core features of Safespy are seeing someone’s messages, emails, notes, calendar, GPS location. You can also check someone’s library of application, browser history, social media messages.
Another highlight of a feature is that of keylogger. This feature allows you to see the vital key logs made. Any change in the conduct, i.e. deletion, archiving, typing and deleting is well recorded and displayed. This feature actually allows you to look into someone’s mind.
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One is extremely concerned about privacy and data protection when using a spy application. Safespy ensures utmost secrecy and safety of conduct. Your anonymity will be retained and protected. Your secret of spying will remain a secret.


As Safespy is web-based, there is no requirement to install the app. All you need to do is to access the application on the web. You do not need to download an app and access it from there. This is a very prominent way in which Safespy ensures the security of information and data.

Stealth Mode

The stealth features are well incorporated into the very structure of Safespy. The stealth mode is so intricate that it makes the users go incognito. The act of your spying will not be caught or witnessed.

Process of Spying on Android

No spy app can remotely access a phone directly when it comes to Android. It is just rendered impossible with Android’s software configurations and stringent rules. Any spy application that claims to do is lying.
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Below is the procedural information of how Safespy allows its users to battle the challenge posed by Android’s rules:
1. Firstly, you need to initiate the process by registering on Safespy’s app.  The registration on Safespy app can be done by using your email ID.
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2. After you have entered your email ID, you would then need to select the best suited monthly plan for yourself. There are various types of plans to choose from. Every plan tends to serve a different purpose.
You can browse through the list of plans and then choose the plan that meets your requirements. The plans offered by Safespy range from premium to family plans.
3. Thirdly, after you have selected the plan, you would then receive the setup instructions on your email ID. The moment you click on the setup link, you will be guided through the online instructions.
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As and when the installation is finished, you would need to select the target platform. This is where you choose ‘Android’ between the choice of Android and iOS.
4. After you choose ‘Android’ as the target platform, you then need to download the app on the Android phone. This is necessitated because of Android’s rules. But, fret not, there’s a trick.
Downloading takes less than a minute and the application weighs only 2 MB. The small weight of the application makes it easy to hide. Once hidden, it is nowhere to be found.
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In a nutshell, you will be done with the entire paraphernalia of downloading and hiding the app in record time. What it will lead you to is the dashboard of the application.

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When it comes to Safespy, all your Android spying worries will be dissolved in thin air. What it indeed leads to is more secure, better and integrated spying. There is literally nothing you cannot see with Safespy. Stop searching for free spy apps for android and register on Safespy.
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