On Saturday, the 4th of November, the computer science department of the University of Ghana would be organizing a free code camp dubbed “Coffee- and- Code”.
Free Code Camp Accra is a non-profit organization that helps people learn how to code and program websites. You work through their free self-paced coding challenges, build projects, and earn certificates.
The Coffee and Code Session are informal gatherings, more like a study group, where you can hang out and code with other participants.
free code camp

What Can I learn At The Free Code Camp?

There are tutorials that introduce students to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  The camp gets participants to engage in project assignments that you have to complete either alone or in pairs. Upon completion of all project tasks, you will be partnered with other nonprofits to build web applications. This will give you the feel of practical development experience.

What is the Aim for the Free Code Camp?

According to the founder, Quincy Larson,  a software developer freeCodeCamp is his effort to correct the extremely inefficient and circuitous way he learned how to code.

Preparations For The Free Code Camp

free code camp
All you need is a laptop and a positive coding spirit. Voila! You’re good to attend the free code camp.
The program would take place within the hours of 8:30 Am- 12:00 pm GMT at the University of Ghana Computer Science Department Library.
Contact meyian@gmail.com or +233 200 412 057  should you get lost on your way to the event.
Learning how to code is very important in this digital age, hence do not miss this golden opportunity to acquire coding skills in this free Code Camp.

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