The Internet is an ocean of amazing things. All we need to do is dive into this and find the things in which we could engage ourselves and forget about the ticking clock and more advantageous would be if we get those things for free. You can try these awesome things on the internet for free, take a look.
Every time we see the word FREE, our eyes can’t see anything else in the surroundings. We just want to grab anything that’s offered for free, even the complimentary salad we order at restaurants just because it doesn’t have a price tag attached to it. Otherwise, we just skip the salad section.
There are a lot of things we can do on the internet and they’re completely free. These things can save you from the boredom you face all the time scrolling through your news feed and checking out holiday packages for places you don’t plan to visit even in the next year. So, have a look this list and see what awesome things you can find on the internet, FOR FREE.

1. Set Your Mood With Ambient Websites:

rainy mood
Before getting started with some serious stuff (who said free things can’t be serious?), I’ll like to tell you about some ambient websites that you can use to make your evenings and nights relaxing. These websites couple soft music with soothing natural background sounds like rain, fireplace, snowy mood etc. WhileRainymood is my favorite, you can also check out Coffitivity and The Quiet Place Project.

2. Improve your reading habit:

You can invest your free time reading novels on the internet. There are websites which won’t charge you a penny for e-books. You can try Bookrix,ReadAnyBook, and Rednovels. However, some of them may welcome you with advertisements.

3. Be a language Pro:

There are times when you get the chance to visit a foreign land and knowing the native language of that place is a clear shot advantage when you roam in the streets or when you have to bargain at a local store. Duolingo is a great option for becoming a language expert. I have personally used it. Although, I couldn’t maintain the daily streak but it is really good.

4. Study at home

khan academy
You want to skip the classes today or you don’t like the boring lecturer in your math class? Try Khan Academy which offers school-grade courses and helps in exam preparation also. The ones who want to learn something new in their vacations or want to gather knowledge from the minds teaching at Harvard , Stanford, and MIT, can try eDX, Udacity, Coursera, etc.

5. Watch documentaries

These video pieces are very informative sometimes. DocumentaryHeaven has a categorized collection of documentaries. Its homepage currently features a documentary about the boxing legend Mohammad Ali.