Franko phones price list (Best 2022 Guide)

Franko phone is a popular term when it comes to where to find affordable phones in ghana which makes the Franko phones price list a must-have. Franko Trading Enterprise enjoys a position of prestige among shoppers in Ghana. It is regarded as one of the nation’s leading electronic goods retailers. Since 2004, the company has operated in practically every region and part of the country, including rural and urban commerce centres. The company continues to be a key player in the electronics retail business, with an online platform and 33 locations across the country. 

With earlier locations in Kumasi and Accra, the company has been the first to sell new technical goods to Ghana since its founding in 2004. The Head Office is located across from the Roxy Cinema in Adabraka, Accra.

As a shopper, you might have wanted to check the prices of various mobile gadgets they have on sale before visiting their physical location. That is why I’ve taken the time to curate a list of brands and the prices of various devices under each brand. 

I hope you find it helpful.

Ultimate Franko phones price list

Franko Phones – Alcatel prices

Alcatel phone
(Image Credit: JBKlutse via Alcatel)
ALCATEL 1V (6002D)₵740.00
ALCATEL 5061U (3X) ₵1,045.00
ALCATEL 4065D (1LPRO) 32GB+2GB₵630.00
ALCATEL 3T10 (32/2) 8094X₵980.00
ALCATEL 3L 2021 (64/4) 6056D₵910.00
ALCATEL 1S (6025D)₵740.00
ALCATEL 1SE (32/2) ELITE EDITION -4087₵660.00
ALCATEL 1T7 (4G) 9013T₵590.00
ALCATEL 3T10 (8088X)₵1,030.00
ALCATEL 5002D (1B)₵520.00

Franko Trading: Alcatel price list

Franko Phones – iPhone prices

(Image Credit: JBKlutse via Appleinsider)
IPHONE 13 PRO (256GB)₵9,200.00
IPHONE 13 PRO (128GB)₵8,700.00
PHONE 13 (256GB)₵7,800.00
IPHONE 11 (64GB)₵4,300.00
IPHONE 12 (64GB)₵5,540.00
iPhone 13 PRO MAX (256GB)₵9,135.00
iPhone 13 PRO MAX (128GB)₵9,135.00
iPhone 13 (128GB)₵6,950.00
PHONE 12 (128GB)₵5,920.00
iPhone 11 (128GB)₵4,850.00

Franko Phones: iPhone price list

Franko Phones – Bontel prices

(Image Credit: JBKlutse via Konga)
BONTEL L500₵65.00
BONTEL L200₵65.00
BONTEL L100₵65.00
BONTEL L400₵65.00

Franko Phones: Bontel (yam) price list

Frank phones – Huawei prices

Huawei nova-9-3
(Image credit: JBKlutse via Huawei)
HUAWEI NOVA 9 SE (128GB+8GB)₵2,419.00
HUAWEI NOVA 8I (128GB + 8GB)₵2,350.00
HUAWEI NOVA 9 (128GB+8GB)₵3,490.00
HUAWEI FREEBUDS 4I (T0001)₵475.00
HUAWEI Y9A (128GB+8GB)₵1,930.00
HUAWEI Y5P (32GB+2GB)₵750.00

Franko Phones: Huawei price list

Franko phones – Infinix prices

(Image Credit: JBKlutse via Infinix)
INFINIX HOT 12 PLAY X6816 (128GB+4GB)₵1,160.00
INFINIX HOT 12 PLAY X6816 (64GB+4GB)₵990.00
INFINIX NOTE 12 (128/4)₵1,490.00
INFINIX HOT 12 (128GB+4GB)₵1,245.00
INFINIX SMART 6 (32/2) 4G₵735.00
INFINIX HOT 12I (64/3)₵945.00
INFINIX HOT 12I (64/2)₵855.00
INFINIX SMART 6 PLUS (32/2) 4G₵815.00
INFINIX SMART 6 (32/2) 3G₵695.00
INFINIX ZERO X 5G (X6815) 128GB+8GB₵2,325.00
INFINIX HOT 11 PLAY (64GB+4GB)₵1,085.00
INFINIX HOT 11 PLAY (128GB+4GB)₵1,175.00
INFINIX ZERO X PRO (8/256)₵2,400.00
INFINIX NOTE 11 (128/4)₵1,340.00
INFINIX NOTE 11I (64/4)₵1,315.00
INFINIX HOT 11 (128GB+4GB)₵1,100.00
INFINIX NOTE 11 PRO (128GB+8GB)₵1,700.00
INFINIX ZERO X (128GB+8GB)₵1,950.00
INFINIX HOT 10I (PR652B) 32GB+2GB₵835.00
INFINIX NOTE 10 (128/6)₵1,145.00
INFINIX SMART HD 2021 (3G) 32/2GB₵695.00
INFINIX SMART 5 (4G)₵775.00

Franko Phones: Infinix price list

Franko phones – iTel prices

(Image Credit:JBKlutse via Itel)
ITEL P17 PRO (32GB+2GB) 4G LTE₵530.00
ITEL P17 (16GB+1GB)₵460.00
ITEL A58 PRO (32GB+2GB)₵640.00
ITEL A58₵560.00
ITEL 2173₵80.00
ITEL 2160₵80.00
ITEL 5606₵90.00
ITEL 5081₵100.00
ITEL 6350₵170.00
ITEL A33 PLUS (16+1)₵400.00
ITEL P15 (16GB+1GB)₵405.00
ITEL S17 (16GB+1GB)₵600.00
ITEL PRIMETAB 1 (32GB+1GB)₵590.00
ITEL P37 PRO (32GB+2GB)₵750.00
ITEL P37 (32GB+2GB)₵660.00
ITEL A14 PLUS₵305.00
ITEL A37₵460.00
ITEL 5626₵140.00
ITEL KIDPAD 1 (32GB + 1GB)₵540.00
ITEL 5615₵110.00
ITEL A56₵510.00
ITEL A16 PLUS₵345.00
ITEL A14₵280.00
ITEL P38 ( (32gb+2gb)₵635.00

Franko Phones: Itel price list

Franko phones – Nokia prices

nokia 3 4 fjord front int
Image Credit: Nokia
NOKIA C21 (32/2)₵720.00
NOKIA G21 (64GB + 4GB)₵1,090.00
NOKIA G10 (32GB+3GB)₵835.00
NOKIA C1 2E₵460.00
NOKIA T20 (64GB+4GB)₵1,490.00
NOKIA 105 DUAL (4G)₵180.00
NOKIA 110 (4G)₵200.00
NOKIA 210₵220.00
NOKIA G10 (64GB+4GB)₵910.00
NOKIA X10₵2,000.00
NOKIA 6310₵320.00
NOKIA C30 (64/3)₵935.00

Franko Phones: Nokia price list

Franko phones – Samsung prices

Image Credit: JBKlutse via Samsung
SAMSUNG GALAXY A13 (128/4)₵1,375.00
SAMSUNG GALAXY A13 (64/4)₵1,250.00
SAMSUNG GALAXY S22 ULTRA (S908E) (512GB+12GB)₵10,000.00
SAMSUNG GALAXY A23 (128/4)₵1,665.00
SAMSUNG GALAXY A23 (64/4)₵1,550.00
SAMSUNG GALAXY A03 (32GB+3GB)₵800.00
SAMSUNG GALAXY A03 (64GB+4GB)₵920.00
SAMSUNG GALAXY A52 (128/6)₵2,230.00
SAMSUNG GALAXY A32 (128GB+6GB)₵1,850.00
SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FLIP 3 (256GB+8GB)₵7,000.00
SAMSUNG GALAXY S21 FE 5G (256GB+8GB)₵5,250.00
SAMSUNG GALAXY S21 FE 5G (128GB+6GB)₵4,750.00
SAMSUNG GALAXY A8 (X205) (64GB+4GB)₵2,160.00
SAMSUNG GALAXY A8 (X205) (32GB+3GB)₵1,980.00
SAMSUNG GALAXY S22 (S901E) 128GB+8GB₵6,050.00
SAMSUNG GALAXY S22 ULTRA (S908E) 256GB+12GB₵9,500.00
SAMSUNG GALAXY S22+ (S906E) 256GB+8GB₵7,300.00

Franko Phones: Samsung price list

Frank phones – Tecno prices

TECNO spark
(Image Credit: JBKlutse via TECNO)
TECNO POVA NEO (64GB+4GB)₵1,090.00
TECNO CAMON 18P (128GB+8GB)₵1,590.00
TECNO SPARK 8P (64+4)₵970.00
TECNO SPARK 8P (128+4)₵1,300.00
Tecno spark 9T (64gb + 4gb)₵1,110.00
Tecno spark 9T (128gb + 4gb)₵1,265.00
TECNO T101₵105.00
TECNO POP 5 PRO (32GB+2GB)₵780.00
TECNO T475₵180.00
TECNO T467₵165.00
TECNO SPARK 8C (KG5K) 64GB+3GB₵900.00
TECNO SPARK 8C (KG5J) (64GB/2GB)₵835.00
TECNO POP 6 GO (32GB+2GB)₵605.00
TECNO POP 6 (32GB+2GB) 4G₵725.00
TECNO CAMON 18 PREMIER (256GB+8GB)₵2,030.00
TECNO CAMON 18 (128GB+4GB)₵1,500.00
TECNO CAMON 18I (128GB+4GB)₵1,300.00
TECNO Camon 19 ( 128gb + 4gb)₵1,505.00

Franko Phones: Tecno price list

Franko phones – Xiaomi prices

(Image Credit: JBKlutse via Xiaomi)
XIAOMI REDMI 9A (32/2GB)₵670.00
REDMI NOTE 11 (128GB + 4GB)₵1,460.00
REDMI 10C (128GB + 4GB)₵1,215.00
REDMI NOTE 10 5G (128GB + 6GB)₵1,660.00

Franko Phones: Xiaomi Price list

Franko phones shop locations

Greater Accra Region – Accra

  1. Adabraka Shop – Opposite Roxy Bus Stop, Adabraka, Accra. Telephone: 0302225651.
  2. Nkrumah Circle Shop 1 – Near Odo Rice Building, Circle, Accra. Telephone: 0207631070.
  3. Nkrumah Circle Shop 2 – Opposite Odo Rice, Circle, Accra. Telephone: 0261506861.
  4. Osu Oxford Street Shop – Near Vodafone Cyber Cafe. Telephone: 0246663560.
  5. Tema Shop – Community 1 Stadium road opposite waterworks, Tema. Telephone: 0246627204.
  6. Madina Shop – Madina Old Road near Barclays and Hfc Building. Telephone: 0241184688.

Ashanti Region – Kumasi

  1. Kumasi Shop 1 – Near Ajaba Jewelry Shop, Adum, Kumasi. Telephone: 0245316969.
  2. Kumasi Shop 2 – Aseda House opposite challenge bookshop, Adum, Kumasi. Telephone: 0245232091.
  3. Kumasi Shop 3 – Adum, Kumasi. Telephone: 0501525698.Obuasi Shop – Central Mosque Opposite Adansi Rural Bank. Telephone: 0322544228.
  4. Kumasi Shop 4 – Near Absa Formally Barclays Bank. Telephone: 0206310483.
  5. Kumasi Shop 5 – Adum Near Kuffour Clinic, Adum, Kumasi. Telephone: 0322038894.
  6. Kumasi Shop 6 – Adjacent Melcom Adum, Kumasi. Telephone: 0261586124.

Other locations

Find the complete list of Franko Trading Locations Here.


I hope you found the list useful. For further information, contact Franko Trading Enterprise.

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