One of Ghana’s best eSports players, Frank “Wondhakid” Kpakpo, has echoed his desire to stay loyal to Ghana and Africa’s eSports industry, and intends to turn down any offer to naturalize for a foreign country.
Kpakpo has demonstrated his great ability as a FIFA player in local and international matches which includes his impressive win over Jamaican FIFA player, Killdem, some months ago.
However, with Africa’s inability to keep and develop its talents, there is every possibility of the continent losing players such as Kpakpo to other countries who are committed to developing eSports.
Speaking in an exclusive interview with, Kpakpo acknowledged the existence of the threat of losing players, but reiterated his desire to stay loyal to his country and help her become an eSports powerhouse.
“If USA or China or any other developed eSports country asks me to play for them, I don’t think I would accept that offer,” he said. “Because in as much as it will be tempting to naturalize for the USA due to the superior facilities they have for eSports players, I wouldn’t want to let my country down. I would want to represent my country so that I can help my motherland and the African eSports industry get more recognition in international eSports tournaments.
“Of course, being an eSports (FIFA) player in Ghana is hard because there are no servers in West Africa, so playing online qualifiers for tournaments is difficult. But, if we were to be in the USA, things would have been very more straightforward because the FIFA server is closer to them.
“So yes, I admit that it will be a very tempting offer, but I don’t think I will naturalize for any other country. I would want to represent my country and my continent”.
Kpakpo again expressed his desire to see the Government of Ghana set up an eSports committee to promote eSports in the country.
“If I were given the opportunity to talk to the government about supporting eSports, I would tell them to set up a committee for eSports in Ghana. eSports is growing at a rapid rate, and I see it taking over in some few years to come. Tournaments are being organized all over the world: there is the eSports World Cup, and there is the UEFA Champions League Cup too. So if the government will set up a committee to promote eSports, it will be very helpful to its players and the country’s economy as well”.

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