Founder of Xit Woundz expects Africa to become a global eSports powerhouse

Africa eSports industry

The founder of Xit Woundz, Cody “Mr Xit” M has disclosed that he expects the Africa eSports industry to take center stage and dominate the global eSports scenes in some years to come.

The eSports industry in Africa has seen some growth with tournaments being organized across several countries on the continents. Tournaments like the just ended Rush eSports tournament which was organized in South Africa and the Golden Hour eSports tournament which is also being organized in Ghana shows how the eSports industry is growing on the continent.

Cody “Mr Xit” M who has succeeded in reviving Xit Woundz and turning it into a global talent search group has been impressed with the headway made by the communities in Africa and says he will not be surprised to see the continent dominate the global eSports industry very soon.

He told “Africa’s biggest strength is in its community and as long as they keep helping each other grow and improve then it’s only a matter of time before a hidden killer attends an international major and surprises the crowd.

“We saw this same scenario with Pakistani Tekken going above and beyond some of the well-known players in Tekken and we can see the same situation happening for Africa. Africa is also huge, to say the least!

“There are communities in Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Morocco, Nigeria and many others all wanting to showcase their scenes to the globe and because Africa has had time to study and see everything we have out here in the states, they can now take that knowledge and apply that to their majors and showcase what we have been missing.

“Africa may have been very dormant in for some time regarding competitive, but now with social media and the influx of new talented players on the horizon, Africa can learn from the mistakes we made out here in the States and not learn only from them but build their own path upon them.”

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