We all love to fall in love even when we know it can lead to a broken heart. And the difficult part in the process of falling in and out of love is not the pain you have to go through, it is forgetting the memories of that person you love. See Ways to forget someone you love:
1. Create new, memorable experiences: It can be hard to do, but it is not so complicated. Breaking up does not mean your life should end. Develop the habit of creating fresh and beautiful experiences with your family and friends, and your healing process will be smooth.
2. Step out: An effective way to forget about the love of your life is by going out. It doesn’t matter if it is a stroll or a real outing, it helps you to move on. Seeing other people walking, the traffic, the rowdy streets e.t.c, will aid you to get your mind off things. Keep your mind occupied and the person will only be a part of your past in no time.
3. Speak about your memories: Talk about the good times you shared with this person and the burden in your heart will reduce. Keep talking about it until you get tired. When you get fed up with saying it, you will realize that it is all over and life must go on.
4. Pray for inner peace: When everything else is not working, it is time to pray. Prayer gives you the quiet time you badly need to begin to see life from another perspective.
5. Avoid all the physical evidence of your memories: Avoid the pictures, stay away from the texts, get rid of the videos or any other physical evidence that will remind you of the memories you shared with this person, and you will be fine.

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