Sometimes, people go into relationships only for the convenience it brings. Some of them feel they need a man or woman to cure their loneliness or for the hope that they might settle down at last. In cases like this, you often find yourself compelling yourself to love your partner all in the name of making it work, and this is wrong. See Signs you are forcing yourself to love someone:
1. You are not happy to be with the person: If you see your dates as obligatory appearances, then you are only deceiving yourself because there can be no love in such a relationship. When you love someone, you look forward to seeing the person and the thought alone will excite you.
2. He or she does not inspire you: When you are truly in love, you will be motivated and more productive. People in love strive to achieve their goals not just for themselves but for the special person in their life as well. So, if your boyfriend or girlfriend does not inspire you, stop wasting your time.
3. Not seeing an eternity with him or her: If you do not even entertain the thought of spending the remaining days of your life with this person, it tells a lot about what you feel. It is definitely not love.
4. You still search for a potential partner in others: How can you be with someone you claim to love and still continue searching for your future husband and wife in someone else? It means you have made up your mind and your current partner is not the one.
5. Restless heart: If you feel guilty when you utter the words, “I love you,” to your partner, then that relationship has to end a.s.a.p.

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